Matt & Kathy


It was approximately 15 years from the day we decided we were going to build a timber frame home till raising day. At one point we made a contract with a timber frame company in Texas, but after approximately six months of little to no contact from the Texas timber framer, we decided it was time to move on to someone else. That was when we found John at Clydesdale Frames.

This was the late 90’s and Clydesdale Frames was still a fairly new company. Right from the start we felt like John was the right man for the job. Several things, including September 11th, postponed us getting started on our home. Finally in late 2008 we contacted John and said we were ready. He immediately remembered us, and said he had almost given up on us ever getting started. By this time Clydesdale Frames had its new shop in South Hutchinson, and the quality of their workmanship had improved to a true art form. That is when we met Chris Yust. We already had designed our home, and Chris designed the frame to go with it. He also made several suggestions that made a world of difference.

Less than a year later was raising day! John and the crew had the frame up in less than a day. One of our most memorable moments was watching our timber frame staircase going through the air, all in one piece, and dropping perfectly into place. Six months after that we were moving in. We had to be our own General Contractor, so naturally we had to call John and Chris several times during construction. They were never too busy to help out and give advice. If it was not for the friendly helpful nature of Clydesdale Frames, this project would have been much harder. We have been in our home almost 5 years now, and we still enjoy the look and feel of a timber frame home everyday. We cannot express how great it was to work with Clydesdale Frames, and how they helped us build the home of our dreams.

– Matt & Kathy

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