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Although residential homes are certainly our bread and butter, we have completed a number of commercial projects. The overwhelming majority of commercial properties are steel, block, brick and composite structures specializing in maintenance free exteriors. Now...I get the maintenance free part, however, these structures lack soul. They lack that 'thing' which exudes warmth and hospitality. In short, they lack the character that comes with timber. Please understand, timber (exterior) needs maintenance. But so does our soul. A well maintained timberframe breathes health, warmth, and the joy of life.



Wedding Venues and Rental Spaces

Wedding Venues has become a big deal. We have been involved with quite a few and have more planned. While I am not sure why young couples don't want to get married in churches anymore, I can only imagine they want a special space for their special day.

Again, all of those subconscious feelings come into play when a young couple visits a 'wedding venue' framed in timber. The ambiance of the space exudes the right kind of special feeling that 'checks the box' for planning the special day. Many of these venues double as rentable spaces for corporate parties, trade shows, small concerts, and just about any other event looking for a special venue to host their special event.

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There is something about the old churches. The lofty ceilings, the soaring spaces buffered and bordered by big wood. Many of the new church buildings have taken on this 'commercial' look.

Whether that is on purpose for theological reasons or simply economic reasons I am not sure. But anybody who has been to Europe and walked through the cathedrals of England, France or Italy comes away with a different impression of what a Church should look like. We have been fortunate enough to build a few Chapels and continually have conversations about others.

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Destination Retail

A 'destination retail' place is simply a private business that is offering more than their product, they are also offering an experience. Using timberframe as the construction method enhances the experience and communicates all of those subconscious emotions of 'warmth' and 'peace' and 'home'.

These subconscious emotions are supposed to put the customers at ease which increases their propensity to buy. At least this is the psychology behind it, for me, I just love to walk into buildings that are architecturally pleasing. Buildings that cause me to look up, to look around, and to take stock of the details always make me think about the builders and tradesman who built them. This makes me think the 'retail' owners also care about quality.

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