The Big Bang

Homes always reflect the character and occupation of their owners. This is especially the true when the home has been designed from the ground up by the owners. In the case of this home, the owners makes their living creating quite an impression as a pyrotechnic display specialists. (i.e. They’re those people that make the fantastic fireworks shows we love to watch!)

We were contacted to build what we feel is a very common design for timber frames. A primary ridge running from front to back with wings set at 90 degrees to the central portion. While it’s a common layout, the owners added their own special touch in the details of the home. We built the central portion and the first floor over the Kitchen and the Dining Room. The remainder of the home is constructed with conventional framing and spray foam insulation. The use of the timbers in these areas allowed the owners to have timber where they wanted to show it off but then save some room in their budget by removing the timber in most of the “non-public” areas. In those areas, they did add a few timber accents but nothing that was structural in nature.

By making those choices, they were able to take the money saved and invest it into finishes and specific details that took the home from just a common home to one that makes a “big bang”.

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