The Simple Life

It only takes a few minutes of digesting the news before a firm realization forms that today’s world is more connected and moving faster than it has before. That’s all the more reason to ensure that your home is a safe haven where you and your family can rest and recharge. With that in mind, we’d like to talk about a frame we built in the past which we have come to name as “The Simple Life”.

The timber frame in this home is constructed with White Oak from the forests of Ohio. The style of roof that lends to much of the home’s feel is what’s called “common rafter”. The common rafter style works to draw the view or feel of the home upwards. This effect causes the home’s 1,200 square feet of floor space to feel much less cramped than in a conventionally built home. The layout on the main floor includes all of what would be necessary for a single owner or a small family to live comfortably on the main floor alone. When company comes or a family grows, this home sits over a full basement. In that basement there are an additional two rooms, a family room, and storage with space to add a second bathroom.

The finishes and the layout of this home are certainly of good quality but they’re not what many would consider “top shelf”. Because of that we felt that the home embodied that safe haven that so many desire today. A place where you are comfortable but at the same time the environment is quiet. In a few words… The Simple Life.

View more photos of this home.

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