Flip Side  (3990 sq ft)

Just about everybody we build for sees homes we have built for others. Going on a home tour is a pretty normal part of the shopping process. Potential clients will like things they see in other peoples homes and try to incorporate some of that stuff into their designs. This was a little different. These folks toured the 'Solar Eclipse' home and decided that's what they wanted to build...exactly...with one flip it left for right. In other words, the front door stays put, but everything on the left flips to the right and vise-versa. Sounds easy...but it is confusing once you get to the shop work. All of our labeling on the timbers corresponds to the compass. (North - South - East - West)  Already being familiar with one design and its layout, and then forcing yourself to flip everything over was an exercise in mental awareness, in order not to get caught on the Flip Side.



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