The Outlaw


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I am a carpenter by trade and have always wanted to build a post and beam home. After building several stick homes, many renovations, and having a construction business, I retired and vowed to not do any more building. However, my wife was persistent about finally building our “dream home” and had found property she wanted me to see.

I looked at the property, a beautiful spot across from a spectacular mountain range here in Colorado. I knew this was it, but made excuses for not proceeding. It was futile, however, and I gave in because this was it and I could finally build the post and beam home I had always wanted; but at retirement age, I know I needed help. I learned about Clydesdale at the Denver Home show.

They stood out from all the rest. They were very easy to talk with, answered all our questions and displayed high quality workmanship. We agreed that we definitely wanted Clydesdale to help us put up the post and beam frame. We gave our drawings to Chris and he brought it all together for a final plan.

On the first day of the home raising, several trailers arrived along with the folks from Clydesdale. They immediately went to work. As a contractor myself, the first thing observed was their efficiency and teamwork. I expected that if something didn’t work they would bring our the chainsaws to make it work; this was not the case. They only used belt sanders and chisels. As a perfectionist myself, I was very impressed. After three amazing days the frame was complete; they packed up and were on their way. A perfect frame and an unforgettable experience!

As a carpenter who accepts nothing but the very best, I’m still amazed at the finished product they produced. I would highly recommend Clydesdale. We have a “one of a kind” beautiful home that marvels family and friends, and are very proud of it.

Our deep appreciation to everyone at Clydesdale.

– Jerry & Judy