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Lisa and I initially came to Clydesdale Frames looking for bids to construct the frame based on a timber frame design we had obtained elsewhere. We were immediately drawn to the company because John who, as owner, was directly engaged with use through the bid process. The amount of communication we had with him, before we were even clients, was great. John was a wealth of knowledge about timber framing and construction in general. Though we were also impressed by Clydesdale Frames’ work quality and efficiency, that personal interaction “sealed the deal”.

Eventually, Lisa and I decided not to proceed with our project because the projected costs were growing well outside our budget. But, John was quick to offer a solution. He showed a plan that was simpler from a timber framing perspective, yet just as attractive, with a big open floor plan. This, of course, turned out to be the Rectangular plan that you show on your website. Lisa and I decided on a timber frame house in the same way many others probably do. We saw pictures in magazines that piqued our interest and we toured some beautiful homes that helped us make up our minds. Our plan was never to build a large house and we quickly learned that the houses in magazines and the show homes tend to be large, extravagant, and very expensive. But the plan that you and John came up with showed that we could build a beautiful house that was not oversized (as so many are these days) and still meet our needs.

Chris, you were fantastic to work with, helping us shape the floor plan to meet our needs and offering suggestions throughout the planning process. On site, John and the crew were professional and very efficient. They arrived exactly on schedule and had the frame erected in a day and a half. This is an important part, because through our bidding process, other timber framing companies were quoting upwards of 2 weeks to assemble the frame. John’s initial quote (on the original plans) was for 3 days. Clydesdale’s ability to pre-assemble a frame in their workshop means that time on site to do the completed assembly is cut down dramatically. This is a very important consideration when you are paying for crane time by the hour.

We completed our project and moved in on Valentine’s Day 2008. Though the project was not without its pain points, the time working with Clydesdale Frames, designing the house and building the frame, was a real pleasure. When Lisa and I rode up in the lift with John to nail the small cedar tree to the finished frame was a real moment of joy.

We have now been in the house over seven years and still marvel that such a beautiful house is ours.

– Peter & Lisa

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