The Ring-Neck

When a full timber home isn’t going to fit into your budget, many times the conversation turns to hybrid timber frames. A hybrid timber frame is simply a house that only has a portion timber framed. The remainder of the house is built using non-timber construction methods. The Ring-Neck is a hybrid home that we built several years ago. The hybrid design was chosen because the garage side of the home contained rooms that didn’t “require” timbers in them. Because of that the owners chose to construct those rooms using SIPS alone.

The use of SIPS on that wing resulted in two main benefits. First, they now were able to have flat ceilings in those rooms causing the lighting to be far easier to design and build. Secondly, the SIPS were able to continue the insulation method so that it was common throughout the entire house. This continuity of insulation eliminated the temperature differences or complexity in HVAC systems that normally occurs when the insulation styles are changed.

What we like about the Ring-Neck is that it serves as an example of a well designed and built hybrid home. When choosing hybrid construction, the result should be less cost and little to no increased complexity. If you have questions regarding the possibility of a hybrid timber frame, contact us and we will happily discuss the possibilities!

Click here to view more photos of the Ring Neck.

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