The Ring-Neck  (2400 sq ft)

Every once in a while, I get the privilege of meeting someone who is truly knowledgeable and passionate about something. More so that general fandom, but a true student of his craft. For this guy, it was bird hunting and bird dogs. I learned more about the differences between labs, pointers, and retrievers during this build than I ever cared to know. To his credit, he has invited me to tag along on many different hunts and fishing trips, although my schedule has continually prevented me from going. When I think about this project, I think about shotguns, hunting dogs and the sound of pheasants bursting from cover...The Ring-Neck



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Client Testimonial

What do you say about people who help make your dreams come true? For many years, we had planned on building a log home. After visiting several log homes in KS and MO and talking with their owners, we decided a log home was going to be way more outside maintenance than we were wanting to do. At that…

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