The Kite  (2140 sq ft)

We live in Kansas. It is windy here all the time. We are used to raising timber in the wind and have developed techniques to combat the relentless push of the wind, but this project down the I-80 corridor of Wyoming about killed us all. Early in the raise, I was less than impressed with the skills of the crane operator. Fighting my urge to jerk him out of the crane seat and take over, I rigged up another pick (collection of timber fastened together). We had tag lines hooked to the pick and all seemed well until the crane swung his boom the wrong way and the pick turned into the brunt of the wind. The guys on the tag lines were lifted of the ground as the wind hit. I swallowed my anger, prayed for peace, and checked on the condition of my crew. I've never seen timber fly before, but that day it was The Kite.



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When we started looking for a company to build a timber frame for our new home, we really had a lot to learn. We did the research and started to look at our options. We soon had a list of five companies to send our plans to to get a quote. All five responded with good offers. However Clydesdale…

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